Saturday, 28 August 2010

Chapter 8 - It was....

The first thing I did when I got home was rush over to see Nuala. She and Plum were back from their honeymoon and had moved into a sweet little beach house down the road from us. I was so excited to hear about their trip, see their new place and of course tell her all about Blue that I just couldn't wait. I couldn't bring myself to be irritated at her for not telling me who Blue was at the wedding. Whatever her reasons it simply didn't matter. I have found him now and that is all there is.

Luckily she was home when I got there. Her work as an interior decorator has such odd hours that I never really know when she will be around. Of course it also means I can stop by a 3 O'clock on a Tuesday and she might be there, which I love. I ran to the door as giddy as a school girl with my first crush.

She must have seen me coming out, she burst out of the door and was screaming and hugging me like we hadn't see each other in months.

 In truth it was the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other and I didn't realise how much I depended on her always being there until now. I of course gushed over the new house. It was so cute and right on the beach. The only thing I had to ask her about was the 3rd bedroom upstairs.

"A nursery?" I asked a bit surprised that they already be decorating for kids.
"Well," she said, a shy smile on her face. "We are going to be needing it very soon."
"Nuala!" I gasped. "That is incredible!" Tell me everything.

As we sat down to catch up on what seemed like a lifetimes worth of news I couldn't help but sigh contentedly. The only thing that was missing from my life was having Blue here in Sunset Valley but I had not doubt that would come.

As the days past though it became harder and harder to bear. Blue and I never went a day without talking to each other by phone, IM, text, email you name it and we were chatting. But each time our conversations ended it was like there was a little hole in my heart. Like a piece of me was missing. How could I be so deeply in love with someone in so short a time? It didn't seem possible and yet it was.

Work is more than interesting, it's absorbing. As I progressed further in my career I realised the world of policing went so much deeper than just writing traffic tickets. There are layers within layers in the intelligence community and I delved into them eager for a distraction from my longing heart.

Perhaps I am as naive as I have always accused Nuala of being. I had no idea there was a criminal element right here in Sunset Valley. I have taken to jogging past the abandoned warehouse that is rumoured to be their headquarters.

At first I tried to go disguised but quickly I realised that not only did that look completely foolish there wasn't much point trying to hide when I am one of the few berries in town, I'm going to stick out no matter what I do.  The training is tough but there is something satisfying about winning a sparring bout even if it is just against my younger sister.

They say I'm a natural, and maybe I am because it's easy. It somehow just feels right.

All the intrigue and the training keeps me going while I am work but it isn't enough. There are just too many hours in the day to be feeling Blue. I starting throwing myself into my family with a energy that bordered on manic. Nuala's pregnancy was not going well so I ended up moving in with them to help out around the house while she rested up.

Plum is beside himself with worry for both Nuala and the baby and I am doing my best to be a strong and stable influence for both of them.

 I decided that the one thing that everyone really needed was a good party and started planning for Meloire's birthday. I had counted on Cheri helping out but she seems to be somewhat distracted these days.

As it got closer and closer to the day of the party it became apparent that Nuala was doing worse that expected. Even I was having a hard time not showing my concern. Oh how I wish that Blue was here for me to turn to. I need his strong arms to hold me up and keep me going.

The day of Meloire's birthday I couldn't sleep and got out of bed before the sun. I was barely up when the phone rang.

"Rosé, it's Plum. Nuala says she's in labour but it's too early." 
"Where are you?" I said not quite understanding why he was having to call me.
"Nuala wanted ice cream so I took her out to get some, but now, Rosé she's in pain! What do I do?"
"Get her to the hospital Plum. NOW!"
I hung up, not waiting for him to agree, got dressed and dashed out the door. Poor Meloire. Looks like her birthday will be in a hospital.

Hospital waiting rooms are all the same. Despite the attempt at cheerfulness they all look worn out and the tension and nervousness is infectious. 

At long last a voice broke through my state with the simple words, "It's twins".

I looked up to see my nieces and nearly cried with joy. 

"Congratulations auntie." I heard from behind me. 

I whirled around. Blue!!! 

I threw myself into his arms. "What are you doing here?" I gasped.

"I stopped by your house to see your family in a frenzy. They told me you were here."
"But what are you doing in Sunset Valley? You didn't tell me you were coming" I chided
"I just got a job at Doo Peas Corporate Towers. I'm moving to Sunset Valley." That half smile was back and I almost melted. 

Two new nieces and the love of my life moving to town. It was the best day of my life. 

"Rosé." I heard Plum's voice choke out behind me. I turned to see the doctor walking away with the baby and Plum in shock.

"Plum, what is it? What's wrong?"
"It's Nuala," he sobbed. 
"Plum talk to me, tell me what's happened." I was nearly frantic by this point. 
"She's lost a lot of blood Rosé. The doctor.....the doctor says that she might not make it."

It was the worst day of my life.


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