Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chapter 7 - Beautiful Stranger

"Blue" I breathed taking him all in,

"Rosé" he said a half smile playing on his lips.
My breath caught in my throat and I don't think the running had anything to do with it.

"Are you ok, Rosé?" He asked again. How long had I been staring at his mouth?

"I...I'm fine, I think. The heat must be getting to me, I swear I saw..." I trailed off not sure what to say. Would he think I was crazy if I said a mummy?

"Saw what? A mummy?"

"Well, yeah" I finished lamely.

He laughed, "Yeah you see them around from time to time. Slow moving things really, quite easy to get out of their way."


I stood staring dumbly at him. I must be dreaming. A beautiful stranger is talking to me about mummies in the middle of an Egyptian dessert.
"You're more beautiful than I remember Rosé," he said, his voice softening

Yep, definitely dreaming!

"Come on," he said grabbing my hand. "There must be something to eat around here, I'm starving!"
What's a girl to do? Of course I followed him!

There was two days left until I had to return home and they past in a glorious wave of happiness. We went everywhere together, not leaving each other sides for a moment. He was exciting, adventurous, perhaps a little bit insane and it was perfect.

The last night we found an out of the way camp ground and sat under the stars roasting out dinner over an open fire.

I finally worked up the courage to ask him what he meant when he said I was more beautiful than he remembered.

"You don't remember me Rosé?" he asked, that half smile on his lips again.

No don't look at the lips, focus Rosé. "Remember you? No, I'm sure I would!"

"Silly Rosé," he said laughing. "We grew up together. It's me, Blueberry Parfait."

"Blueberry Parfait," I repeated incredulously. How could I have spent three days with him and not asked him his name. In the wave to happiness and exploration it didn't occur to me, didn't seem important. But BLUEBERRY PARFAIT?!? Not possible. Blueberry was a sweet boy and a good friend when I was very young. This Blueberry was, well, a god! I decided at that moment he would never be anything but Blue to me.

As the night drew to an end he pulled me close. "You may not remember me," he said his voice getting husky. "But I could never forget you." And he kissed me.

In that moment I truly understood the spark between mum and dad. There would never be anyone else for me.

The next morning I left for home. I knew I would see him again, but when?


  1. Blue is a berrified version of this custom sim made for me by Darkslayer (http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2943772) visit her studio to check out her amazing work:

  2. Oh and thanks Kitty for giving me the idea for the title for this chapter :-D

  3. I am sooo happy :) I have goosebumps again!!!
    They make such a cute couple :) Again awesome job with the pics!
    DS does make great sims!

  4. Thank you Sun :-D. I couldn't resist putting him in once I saw him, I feel in love! I am super glad you are liking it!

  5. I've just caught up with all the chapters, this chapter just made me go Aww! <3
    I love it :D

  6. Thanks :-D. I am really glad you are liking it!

  7. I love him! DS did an amazing job!

  8. So romantic! He is very handsome.

  9. Hi there... Just discovered your site. And I love what I see and read! Beautiful shots, beautiful intriguing writing... drop dead gorgeous Sims. If I may ask, where did you get the eyes replacements from?

  10. Well hi there @huckleberrychronicles glad you are enjoying it. I do use eye replacements. They are the bright eye color blend from MTS