Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chapter 17 - Ice

The fire we built between us burned through the night and we snuck out to the extraction zone early that morning.

When we got back to Sunset Valley we went straight to Devon and handed in the photograph along with another small something that I managed to pick up while I was inside the command tent.

A small chest with an inscribed disk inside. While I was frantically snapping pictures it caught my eye and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Blue and I were given a couple days off to rest up with the tech team worked on the photographs and disk. We were feeling to full of excitement and adrenaline to just take it easy so we decided to go for a jog down the our beach.

Well that was unexpected. It has been a long time where a hard workout has made me feel sick and I know it isn't anything I have eaten. And I couldn't be...

Uhoh.  I turned to Blue. He had a confused and slightly worried look on his face.

Suddenly I was nervous. If I'm right, if I'm pregnant, well we've never got a chance to talk about it. Not knowing where to begin I stumbled through the words. "Blue, um, well, you know when we were so cold in that tent and..."
That half smile curved across his face. "How could forget that my little fire."
"Yes, well, you see, I think, Blue I think I'm pregnant."

His jaw dropped open and he stood there for a moment looking dumbstruck. I feel like the silence stretched for what seemed like an eternity until he came back to the moment. "Rosé are you sure?"
"It's the only thing that makes sense. I know it isn't anything we've talked about or planned, but I think you are about to be a daddy."

A look of awe crossed his face and slowly that half smile broke into a full grin. "I'm going to be a daddy," he said still half shock. "Rosé that is amazing! I can't believe it. I'm going to be a daddy!" With that he scooped me into his arms and carried me all the way home.

The pregnancy soon became too noticeable to hide and we had to tell the agency.

 Obviously I had to be removed from active duty for the duration of my pregnancy but life had been moving at such a breakneck pace lately that I didn't mind nearly as much as I thought I would. Blue was kept on and very soon sent out to investigate a lead on a possible piece of this 'puzzle' we were trying to solve before mum did. I decided that before I got to far advanced I would pay a visit to Plum and Blaze and share the news.

Looks like I wasn't the only one with a bit of news. Blaze and I sat around chatting and gossiping like school girls for hours until Plum came home from work.

Blue was becoming so involved in the pregnancy.

Before this little miracle came into our lives I never would have thought of us as a typical family but now I would sometime just sit and daydream about a normal family life.

The days and months slipped by. After we had snuck into their hideout the RATS had promptly packed up and left to whereabouts unknown. Blue was working harder than ever to crack the case. I think he too sensed that perhaps it was time to move away from a life of intrigue. Before I knew it the day I had been dreaming about and dreading in equal measure arrived.

Blue rushed me to the hospital. Our little miracle now had a face and a name. Bondi Kei Parfait meet the world.

Unfortunately our little family moment didn't last long. Blue was getting very close to cracking the case and was sent out soon after Bondi's birth on what he believed might be the last big mission. Not wanting to sit home and worry I once again trespassed on Plum and Blaze. They had just had their little girl, Almond, and we spent a wonderfully cosy evening sitting around as a family.

Plum walked me to the door cuddling Bondi. As he was saying goodbye I heard the noise of a motorcycle from the street. Wrapped up in the warmth of the moment it didn't register right away.

By the time I looked up there was no one there. I am not sure why but it caused a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. There are plenty of motorcycles around these days. Convincing myself it was just some kid showing off I made my way home. With Blue gone the house was empty and dark. Tonight it had almost an eerie feel to it. Shivering slightly I quickly opened the door in hopes of making the feeling disappear with a bit of light. Thoughts of comfort were quickly dashed out of me by the sight of a notepad.

They had Blue. And the only way to get him back was to steal the box, the very box that was key to cracking this case. I had to choose. Do nothing and hope the agency cracked the case, track down the RATS and bring Blue back. Or steal the box from the agency and use it to ransom Blue.

No choice at all really. I called Plum and asked him to come over and look after Bondi. He came no questions asked which was a relief because I have become sick of lying to people about my life. Slipping in and out of the headquarters was easy . No one looks twice at an agent coming in to collect some equipment and lucky for me they don't check to closely when leaving either.

I was not the first to arrive for the meet.

"I knew you would make the right choice." The voice was muffled but oddly familiar and most definitely female.
"Where is he? What have you done with Blue?" I was nearly frantic with worry at this point.
"Did you really think you would get what you wanted that easily. For once in your perfect little life you should have to work for something."
"That's it! I am tired of taking to a mask. Take that thing off and face me."

She snorted in derision. "I don't think so. I see no reason why someone like you should see my face."
Frustration and training kicked in.

A well placed kick to the head knocked her helmet off and left her slightly stunned. But my advantage was shorted lived. As she turned to face me I lost all ability to move.

Nuala?!? The shock of seeing my supposedly dead twin rendered me immobile. I turn stunned as I heard a noise behind me.

Not again!



    What is Nuala doing still alive, she was working for her mum the whole time. How could she leave her babies and loving husband? She better not try to take her family back from Cherry, she has no right now. :(

    I'm in such total shock, I never in a million years saw that coming. Loved the picture of Rose kicking her, talk about killer heeels lol. And the babies are soooo cute, love the names too.

    You will have to upload Almond for me when she gets a bit bigger. :)

  2. Absolutely I will upload Almond. I haven't seen her in CAS yet but her genetics are very promising! I have kept Nuala in hiding since chapter 9 when she 'died' and have planned this update since I killed her off so I am so excited that it is a shocker :-D

  3. Well you done a very good job in keeping her hidden. I wonder if she knows about Plum yet? I really can't wait to see what happens next :)

  4. I have been very busy since I went back to work, not enought time to do pleasurable things!
    This is not what I expected! I thought that the mom needed these items to bring Nuela back from the dead! I am not quite sure what is going to happen at this point. I can't believe that Nuela would leave her family behind either!

  5. :o:O:O:0:o:o:0:O:0:o
    *Still in shock!*
    Awesome update Thea, you totally surprised me!!!!

  6. That picture of Rose kicking Nuala is pricelss. This is such an interesting twist!!

  7. There will be a lot revealed in the next update about what has happened to cause this to come about so stay tuned :-). Thanks for still keeping up with it Sun, AC and Gomar :-)

  8. Oh. My. God. That is a plot twist if there ever was one! I was so sure it would be her mum under the helmet.

  9. I totally did not see that coming!

  10. Oh.My.Gosh. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in a trillion years did I EVER SEE THAT COMING!!

    am pretty much lost for words! O_O

    Bondi Kei Parfait may possibly be the best name EVER!


  12. Just started reading your blog tonight (can't remember how I found you) and I LOVE the story! (Read all of the back entries, haha). Can't wait to see what else happens!

  13. I love each of your comments <3. Each reaction made me smile more and more, you guys make this all worthwhile!

    auschick4, cupcake and Music - I have been hiding this one for so long dying to tell someone. Your reactions make me so happy I kept it to myself

    Kittyboo <3 I can't believe I made a master of words speechless. I am so glad you like the name too it took me an age to come up with it but when it hit I was giggly.

    Candace - Welcome :-) I am glad to have you here thanks for the comments it means a lot when people take the time to comment!

  14. Oh. My. God.

    Where do I start?
    1) I cannot BELIEVE Nuala is alive, and is working for evil. And she left her family behind. I am so shocked at that :O

    2)Aw babies! I'm so glad that Rose finally had a little baby, and Blaze too.

    Your best update yet :)

  15. Awww thanks starling! It was a long time in coming. I am so tempted to sneak a peak at Rose and Blue's little boy and see just how cute he is going to be <3

  16. I don't understand several thing but I have a feeling it will all be explained but GREAT JOB!!!! Loving it so far :)

  17. Thanks Sims Fan. There are still some things to be explained yet so hopefully it will all be cleared up in the next couple of chapters. I am only 1/4 of the way through the next one but it is shaping up nicely :-D

  18. This is one of the very best legacy stories I've come across so far. I'm putting a little review of it on my blog. :) http://steelelegacybygalatea0.wordpress.com/favourite-legacy-blogs/

  19. Wow you are too kind! That is a huge honor and I am grateful you think so much of it. Thanks you so much!

  20. Ohhh whoooah. What is Nuala doing alive, why is she working against Rose, OMB babies yay, and oh no, where's Blue?!?!

  21. That pretty much sums it up dulcerainbowcy :-). About half way through writing the next update now. I know you are all eager but I want to make sure it is just right :-D


  23. Love it when I can surprise you Berry :-D

  24. You are so stealthy!!! The thought of Nuela being alive and working for her mom never crossed my mind at all! I cant wait to read the explanation.

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  26. WHAT?! OHMIGOSSH, i really didnt expect that i must say. Amazing writing, amazing plot and AMAZING photography. <3

  27. U should have seen my face when I saw it was Nuala...I was like: "OMG! AHHHHHHH!" my mom came in (she reads your stories too) "what happened?" "it was nuala!" mom: OMG! I can't beleive it!!!!!

  28. Ok, I can't believe I am FINALLY reading up on this and I can't stop. I'm a bit embarassed to be admitting that I've not read before. I always encourage your updates, and keep putting the reading on my to do list. So many sims, so little time. But wow, I can't stop. I stayed up until midnight last night, and now I have to stop HERE! it's killing me. I'll be back later to keep reading. Great work!

  29. Holly s*&%, Bad enough her mum is a spy but her dead sister,OMG...


  30. Oh, Wow! I didn't see that one coming! Poor Plum, I hope he never finds out.

  31. Her dead twin wasn't so dead after all. That was a good twist indeed.

    But getting hit on the head...not so good.