Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chapter 15 - Choices

"Soooooooo." The word, drawn out to an almost unbelievable length, made me jump out of my skin. "It seems I am not the only one after this piece of the puzzle after all." Said the all to familiar voice of my mother.

I turned to see my mother standing in the doorway of the very small chamber where Blue and I were standing.
"Water" Blue's voice ran with ice water.
"Blue," She replied a hint of playful mischief in her voice.
The room suddenly felt too small, to close for all of us to be it in together.

Before I could get a handle on the situation my mum was flying through the air straight at Blue.

Both of them fought with wild abandon range all over the place. Soon the fight spilled out of the small room the chest was in and into a larger hall. I watched unsure if I should intervene and who to side with if I did.

At last choice was made for me as my mum let a vicious blow loose on Blue and knocked him across the room. I ran to his side concerned and intent not to let mum truly hurt him.

"Blue," I gasped seeing him looking disheveled and hurting was something I couldn't bear. A snort from behind me, however, got my attention.
"I see you've made your choice Rosé." My mother said, voice full of derision. "And I can't say that I am all that impressed by it. Perhaps one day you will consider joining a side that can actually win the battles it fights. In the meantime, enjoy your little trip." And with that she was off. I stared after her not quite comprehending what had happened during that short exchange. Had she really just appeared out of nowhere to start a fight and make cryptic comments?
Blue on the other hand grasp the significance of her departure right away. He dashed towards the small room and threw open the chest.

"Empty" he growled in frustration as he slammed that lid shut.
"But that would mean..." I trailed off.
"She wasn't alone." He finished. We both dashed out the door of the tomb hoping to catch a glimpse of her accomplice. All we saw was the two of them racing off into the distance, covered head to toe in gear.

Since we hadn't brought a car, preferring instead to use the local transportation of a moped, there was no way  that we would be able to catch up to them.

Discouraged and downcast we decided that there wasn't much of a honeymoon left in this trip and we made our way back to Sunset Valley. Devon was less than impressed by the situation and didn't hide it during the de-brief.

As we finally arrived back at home Blue pulled me close.

"Don't take it too hard love. Your mum has been doing this a very long time and we went into that tomb with no intel and very little gear."
"I should have done something sooner to stop it. If I had then maybe her accomplice wouldn't have gotten the stone. I still can't believe the he snuck right by me and I didn't even notice!"
"This was the first time you saw your mother since she dropped that bomb on you. Any rational person would expect you to be conflicted and distracted in that situation. So you acted like a human being, it may be a rare thing for people in the agency but I love that about you." That heart melting half smile came over him once again. "I for one am very glad you made your choice." He said pulling me close for a long kiss.

Heat flooded through me. Suddenly I was no longer concerned about the case, about my mother, about anything other than the warmth of my husband. As the kiss became more passionate the world melted around me all I could think of was finding the nearest hidden spot to take this much much further. He lead me to the door my heart pounding in my chest.

"Blue, Rosé. You're back. Awww and all loved up I see."

"Come in, come in. I have so much to tell you." The moment ruined Blue and I trailed after Plum into the house. Before we could even sit down Plum began to gush. "Oh, I can't believe it has only been 2 days since you were here, it seems like so much has happened. Peach and Pear are walking and talking and keeping me and Blaze busy. And Blaze...."
Did I detect the sound of love in Plums voice?
"Blaze has been amazing! Rosé she has been here ever day helping with the girls while you've been away. She sits with them every day. What an incredible woman!"

It seems that things were drastically improving for Plum. A his first mention of Blaze I had a twinge of sadness but as he continued to go on, and on, and on about her the sadness eased. He must really like her.

My suspicions about Plum's feelings for Blaze were confirmed not long later. He found me in the office gazing wistful at the globe.

"Rosé?" Did he seem nervous?
"Yeah, Plum? Is everything ok?"
"It's great, really!" he added when he saw my sceptical expression. "In fact it's more than great. Rosé you know how much I loved Nuala, I love her still. But, well, Blaze has become very special to me."
"I can see that"
"I just wanted to know if you were ok with that. I will never forget my love for Nuala but.."
"But you need to move on."

"Exactly," he said sighing with relief.
"Oh Plum, you don't know how much it means to me to see you happy again. We all miss Nuala but life has to go on."
"Then maybe..." he was nervous again practically wringing his hands now. "I was thinking about moving in with Blaze and taking the girls with us." He said in a rush.
Wow he really is serious about her! "Plum of course it is!" I said. The words were barely out of my mouth when he pulled me into a big hug.

"Thank you Rosé. I knew you would understand." All I could do was huge him back and try to breathe.
"You're welcome," I gasp as he let me go.
As he ran out of the room, probably to tell Blaze, I heard the sound of a motorcycle engine revving. It was such an odd sound for this neighbourhood that I couldn't help being a bit nosy and looking out the window. I was just in time to see a suspiciously familiar motorcycle pulling out from in front of the house.

Could that be mum accomplice. I thought as I ran towards the front door. By the time I got to the street he was gone.

Whoever it was would just have to wait. Plum was extremely eager to move in with Blaze. He always did want a big family and I have a feeling he was wanting to start on them right away. But bless that man he didn't want to move out until the twins had their birthday.
This time we didn't invite the family. Cheri was off with Orange on an extended holiday and Meloire was much to 'cool' to be seen at a kids party. It was nice just the same. We all laughed and talked and had a great time before it was time to blow out the candles.

We brought the girls to the cakes so they could blow out their first candles.


and Pear

They make the sweetest little girls. I can't believe how quickly they have grown. It really seems like yesterday that we were bringing them home from the hospital on the that horrible night.

The next morning they all packed up and got ready to leave for the new house. Plum had finally sold the house he and Nuala had owned. He said it was because it was time to move on, but I secretly think it is because it wasn't big enough for any other 'additions' that might come along. The goodbyes were tough.

"Bye Auntie Rossay. Pretty please say you will come and see me." Little Pear still hasn't quite got the name right.
"Of course I will sweetheart. And you can come here any time you want. This will always be your home too."

"Auntie Rosé promise me you'll be careful and take care of Uncle Blue." Peach always was a perceptive little girl.
"I promise. Nothing is going to happen to either of us."
"It better not," she leaned closer to whisper in my ear. "Cause you're more than my auntie, your the best mum I could ever ask for."
I tried not to cry as I pulled her close for another hug.

Last of all was Plum.

"Rosé you have always been there for me and the girls and I always want you to be. Please don't think that by us moving out I want you to spend any less time with us."
"I don't Plum. You are doing what is best for you and the girls and I am nothing but happy right now." Ok so that was a little lie but he doesn't have to know how sad their leaving makes me.
"There is nothing I can ever do or say to thank you for everything Rosé. You are the best sister a guy could ask for."
"I couldn't be more honoured to still be your sister." And that was true. Although he was technically no longer my brother-in-law I would always think of him as a brother.

As they pulled away I felt the emptiness of the house close around me. I looked at Blue and knew I would never be alone, but, well, maybe kids weren't such a bad idea


  1. Great update, loved the part where Peach said "Cause you're more than my auntie, your the best mum I could ever ask for." Made me cry lol, looking forward to seeing any babies that might be coming our way soon :)

  2. Thanks Kim :-). They are such cute girls aren't they!!

  3. awh T_T strangely enough, this update made me so happy.. tho, I am rather confused as to who Rosé's mother's bonding with.
    she better not be cheating on Lo or I'll kill her myself.. with my bare hands! D:

  4. Great story. I wish I could come up with plots and subplots like this. Looking forward to the next one. :)


  5. A great update :)
    The twins turned out to be gorgeous girls! <3
    I can't wait to see what happens next!

  6. lol Kitty. Poor Lo would really be suffering if she was cheating on him. I will warn her to play nice (well as nice as she can).

    Thanks Galatea I love twists and turns in plots and lots of drama.

    Starling, they are so cute aren't they. Peach is going to be stunning I'm sure!

  7. This is amazing :) Rosé's mums a bitch, Lo deserves much better than her, he's a good guy! I feel soooo sorry for him :'( It's nice to see that Plum's moved on, although it's obvious he still misses Nuala (well you would!) Let's hope Blaze takes care of him like Rosé did!
    The twins are soooo cute! :) ♥♥

  8. Awww thank you so much. Yeah poor Lo. He never has had it easy with women. He may never know what happened to his wife....
    I am sure Blaze will take very good care of Plum. He fell instantly in love with her ;-)

  9. What is wrong with her mother!! how could she put work before her family? Great update.

  10. Thanks Hugz. And if there is one trait that defines her mum it's Evil (and that capital e is intentional). She was a berrified version of one of my sims and I left the traits the same. When I was just doing letting her have babies with Merlot I had to watch her like a hawk to make sure she wasn't doing extremely evil things all the time. It's what gave me the idea for her character :-)

  11. Peach is precious! lol I second Kitty's comment. This Lo deserves his happiness.

  12. You know you're right. He's a sweet guy and he never seems to get the girl that's right for him lately. I'll see what I can do ;-)