Sunday, 22 August 2010

Chapter 5 - The Big Day


I can't believe the day is finally here! Everything is ready and I just know it is going to be perfect. Hair is done.

Make-up applied.

Is that a spot! Oh no it's just bad lighting.

The only thing left is the dress. Now where did Rosé put that

Poor Rosé. She's never been the same since we left Sugar Valley. I thought she had gained some peace when she was was with Hiro but I was wrong. She has gained peace in life but Hiro was never the one for her. I should have seen it sooner but I was swept away in a wave of my own happiness and didn't see what was in her heart. Still sitting alone I see. Wait...what's this?

Interesting....I wonder if she recognises him?

"Nuala who was that guy out there?"
"Guy? I can't say I noticed anyone." I said shrugging it off.
"Come off it Nuala. It's your wedding day you know everyone around here!"
"It's possible I know him. What did he look like?" She was getting annoyed, that's a good sign. She must have found him intriguing.
"Nuala! Average height blueish green hair and I don't know just...I can't describe him I only saw him from the back. But I could swear I know him." She said in exasperation. "Is he going to be at the wedding?"
"Oh, you must be talking about Blue."
"Blue? Ok, so will he be at the wedding." She was really getting frustrated now

I shouldn't have enjoyed it so much but it had be such a long time since I had seen any kind of passion out of Rosé that I couldn't resist.
"Yeah, he's an old friend of Plum's" I said, lying. "He won't be making it to the wedding, some business trip to Shang Simla. Now do you know where my dress is?"

I knew that would distract her. I didn't lie to her that much. He did know Plum, in fact he was a very distant cousin, but that wasn't the reason he was invited to the wedding. Back in Sugar Valley Blue, Rosé and I were inseparable as toddlers and even as children we were hardly apart. His family left a few years before we did. No wonder she recognised him!

Ah Rosé, what I am going to do without her! I can't believe this is the very last time I will ever sleep in the same room as my twin sister again. I can't wait to be with Plum but Rosé and I have never spent a day apart.

But Plum, ah Plum! I never thought I could be so happy. It looks like everyone is ready to head out to the ceremony but me! Right let's get that dress on.

And here we go!


  1. Special thanks to Kim for showing me the commands to get the shots I needed for this chapter!

  2. The pics are absolutely awesome!!!! I love all their expressions! Can't wait to see the rest of the wedding and....? Who knows?

  3. Thanks! I never knew I could do that in sims til Kim told me!
    Who knows it is! I think you will love the next episode!

  4. what a cutie! cant wait for the wedding~

  5. Not long now :-D. The chapter is written and half the photos done!

  6. Wonderful chapter and some amazing shots too :)

  7. Im intrigued about Blue as well, I want to know more about him.

  8. I love this story, it's very interesting! And I would wish to know how do you do those commands? I am making a story myself (not out yet) and now I'm on a part where i need to make my sim look scared.

  9. Hi Janina welcome to Noir Nights ^__^ I use Nraas' DebugEnabler to make them do animations when I need them too.

  10. Oh lol, really, I just change their traits to 'coward' and wait for that face XD

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