Monday, 16 August 2010

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

My parents were very much in love. Don't get me wrong they were perfectly loving towards my sisters and me. Everything you could ask for in parents really. Attentive, affectionate and supportive. But there was something between the two of them. Some spark. You could feel it, like a bolt of lighting, when they looked into each others eyes.

And it has ruined my life.

My name is Rosé Pinot Noir and this is me

Or rather that was me. To help you understand, really understand, I will start my story in the days right after our move to Sunset Valley.

You have already met my parents, so let me introduce to my two sisters.

My twin sister Nuala

And our baby sister Chermola (or Cheri), yes our dad did have a thing for nectar.

This is the story of my family. Their loves and losses, their joys and sadness as we make our way through this crazy world. 


  1. Woooo I am intrigued! ;D I love her!

  2. Thanks Berry :-). I have a couple more chapters written in my head. I just need to get some pictures (shouldn't be hard they are such a photogenic family :-)).

  3. I love her, looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  4. Just started reading, going to catch up on the chapters i have missed.